American soccer needs an overhaul, but copying Germany won't work

In the aftermath of the USA’s abject failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, almost every commentator said some version of the following:

  • American soccer is broken.
  • American soccer needs a better plan.
  • Germany (sometimes Belgium was thrown in too) reinvented itself; we need something like that.

For Soccer Insider this week, I tried to address this; just copying Germany is too simple of an answer. The USA is starting from farther behind, and needs many more changes before it can start making German-style changes.

In some ways, it doesnt get better than the USMNT

If you are a fan of a European soccer team, you’ve just survived Transfer Madness 2017, in which every player on every team could move to another team (Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City, usually) for an impossible sum of money. It’s exhausting.

National teams don’t have that problem, which is why the USMNT - in some ways - is the best possible team to follow.